Villa Nautilus: Luxury Beachfront Villas at Gili Meno


Luxury Accommodation at an affordable price on the Gili Islands off Lombok, near Bali.

  • Luxury accommodation, with a pocket-friendly price
  • Full breakfast for two included
  • Spacious wooden sun deck with steamer chairs/loungers
  • Onsite Cafe with both Indonesian and Western dishes
  • Plenty to do and see!

Villa Nautilus sits on a 50 meter stretch of Gili Meno’s spectacular beachfront, along the east coast of Gili Meno.

Every morning, you’ll witness hauntingly beautiful sunrises over the peak of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani.

These Villas have all the luxuries you need for your island getaway, including a fresh water showers (hot and cold), outdoor decks where you can watch island life amble by, and large living areas with cool marble floors.

  • King size superior bedroom
  • Ensuite toilet and vanity
  • Separate bathroom
  • Hot and cold fresh water showers
  • Large living area with built in lounges and cool marble floor
  • Spacious wooden sun deck with steamer chairs/loungers
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fans
  • Full service and supply of linen etc.

About Gili Mano

Gili Meno is the smallest of the three Gili Islands located just off Lombok in Indonesia. It is approximately 2 kilometres by 1 kilometre in size and the local population is around 250.

The natural beauty of the islands and the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere make this a lovely spot for stress relief. And Villa Nautilus has the accommodation for your holiday right in the centre of all this.

Villa Nautilus is located in the centre of the east coast of Gili Meno, right on the beachfront looking towards Lombok.

These islands are renowned for diving and Blue Marlin Dive is located right next door to our villas. Hire or bring your own snorkelling gear because the fish and coral are wonderful. The island is a coral atoll so the sands are almost pure white and the water is varying shades of aqua and crystal clear.

What to do when visiting Gili Meno

  • Eat at BiBi’s Cafe on site at the beachfront.
  • Hire a boat!
  • Hire a cidomo and travel round the island or go fishing on one of the many charter boats available to other snorkeling sites including turtles and giant clams.
  • Snorkel and dive over the reef. The Blue Marlin Dive Shop is right next door to the resort.
  • Swim and snorkel in the clear warm water from beautiful white sand beaches right in front of your villa.
  • Go island hopping and visit other attractions such as the Turtle Conservation Centre.
  • Or just laze in a deck chair.

How To Get Villa Nautilus


The fast ferries are a popular way to reach the Gilis from Bali. There are a number of fast ferry services from Padang Bai, Serangan, Benoa and Amed. These services are subject to frequent changes. See the Lombok Fast Boats site for details of the services that are available. There is currently one fast ferry that services Gili Meno – Scoot, the others use Gili Trawangan as their base and local boats or charter boats to Gili Meno


There are about 10 flights a day from Denpasar, Bali to Praya Airport, Lombok. These flights take about 30 minutes and are run by:

  • Wings (Lion Air)
  • Transnusa Air (Trigana Air)
  • Air Indonesia Transport
  • Garuda Indonesia (also has flights from Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar)

International services include:

  • Silk Air from Singapore
  • Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur

If you travel by air we suggest you advise us of your flight number and time of arrival and we will escort you and arrange for the taxi and boat from Praya Airport to Villa Nautilus. The taxi ride takes about 90 minutes and a speed boat takes about 15 minutes from the mainland to Gili Meno. Your arrival point is directly in front of Villa Nautilus.

Some Faq’s

Are there shops on the island?

Yes, there are two small shops on Gili Meno. Rustiah’s, 50 meters to the north of the villas has the most stock and carries every day items, including liquor.

All food and drinks are shipped from the mainland daily ensuring the optimum in freshness, but because of this regime the supply and demand may be mismatched. The food is excellent on Gili Meno and the different restaurants provide a variety of styles catering to all tastes. There are five within the two hundred metre beachfront adjacent to Villa Nautilus.

What type of transport is there on the island?

The island is very small and most facilities are along the eastern shoreline so walking along the foreshore track is best. There are no motorised vehicles on the island and all transport is by horse cart. Hire a horse cart  to go and watch the sun set over Bali.

What’s the weather like there?

Lombok’s dry season is from May until November or December. As the Gili’s are offshore they tend to have a hotter and drier climate with the days often being in the mid to high 30’s. At night the temperature can drop so that a light long sleeved shirt or sweater may be required.

Is there any bargaining there?

Bargaining is expected and you may end up paying half to two thirds of the asking price. Be patient. Shops and restaurants on Gili Meno have fixed prices.

As in all areas, where tourists congregate, sellers can be an annoyance. The children on the Gilis sell fruit as a way of supplementing their schooling, clothing and living costs, so should be treated with courtesy.

Are there any medical and health risks traveling in Indonesia

Vaccinations appropriate to Asia apply here, the most common being; tetanus, cholera, and hepatitis.
Medication for malaria is recommended in the wet months as mosquitoes are more prolific during that time, although malaria has not been evident on Gili Meno.

It is best to consult your doctor on the most up to date advice and take precautions.
There is a small clinic on Gili Meno, with larger ones on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, but for anything serious it would be best to get to Denpasar, Bali and have private treatment.

What is the currency there?

Rupiah is the currency for Indonesia.

Money can be changed on Gili Meno and is usually a few points below that in Bali and Mataram on Lombok.

Visa card and Mastercard are accepted for payment at Villa Nautilus and BiBi’s Café.

There is a Bank Mandiri ATM next door to Villa Nautilus.

Are there any local customs I should be aware of?

Most of Lombok is conservative and immodest displays of dress and affection can cause offence.
Brief shorts and tank tops should not be worn in the cities or major towns and are only appropriate to the beach, although this is becoming more relaxed in the tourist areas.

Nude or topless bathing is offensive on these islands.

The majority of the people on Gili Meno are Muslim and as such do not consume alcohol.
Cold beer is readily available. Other spirits are not common so it is suggested travellers bring their own. The restaurants will gladly serve you and provide mixer soft drinks, with ice

What special items should I bring?

A camera
A good sunscreen
Insect repellent
Mask, snorkel and flippers if you want to use your own – but they are readily available for hire.

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