What To Wear In Jaipur In December


What To Wear In Jaipur In December

The best months to visit Jaipur are between October to February, as the weather is pleasant and the sunbeams are slanting. Jaipur isn’t extremely cold until late December and early January, and it is mostly the nighttime when temperatures drop massively. So, during the day, the temperature is quite bearable, and you can wear the most stylish clothes for Instagram-worthy shots. So, let us find out what to wear in Jaipur during December.

What to wear in Jaipur In December

Types of clothes to wear in Jaisalmer or Jaipur aren’t distinctive during December if you have sunscreen that maximizes protection. You will ideally want to wear dresses but club them with sneakers or boots for exploring forts at ease.

Check out the top suggestions to know what to wear in Jaipur during December:

Classic white tee and shorts

Rajasthan has an extreme climate, and even during the winter months, when the sun shines bright, you will want to loosen up. Moreover, if you’re someone who is traveling from a place that stays moderately cold throughout, the winters in Jaipur feel like summer to you.

You can never go wrong with a white tee and a pair of shorts that let you hike up forts or sit comfortably on an elephant ride. Use light colors to prevent sun absorption and use lots of sunscreens for bear body parts.


One-color dresses

From Patrika Gate to the four-season gates of City Palace, Jaipur, the city is full of vibrance. You wouldn’t want to wear anything too colorful as it wouldn’t contrast well. One-color dresses or clothes that let you utilize the backdrops of Instagram-able spots would suit you much better.

Solid color jeans and tee

Solid color two-pieces that are plain but fit well with vibrant backgrounds give you an edge while also stealing focus. Comfortable jeggings with a loose t-shirt give a seamless blend to the backdrop and ease day trips around the city.

Sturdy shoes

A pair of trekking shoes or sneakers that help you hike is best recommended for fort visits. Your 1 day Jaipur itinerary covers Amer, Jaigarh, and Nahargarh Fort and requires you to walk a lot. Not wearing a pair of shoes that allows you to comfortably navigate through these sights might make your tour undesirable.

While the forts can give you the most aesthetic pictures, you have to be smart while styling yourself with shoes. A cool pair of boots that easily blend with a sultry dress can oomph up your look while you trek.

Long skirts or ghagras

A classic ghagra, choli, and dupatta with a modern blend is perfect when strolling around Pink City. You can buy yourself a Rajasthani juti from Bapu Bazaar, which are colorful sandals that go best with traditional attire.

A white blouse with a contrasting skirt and dupatta is all you need to bring out the Shuddh Desi Romance vibe. Top it up with some junk jewelry sold in Johari Bazaar, and you’re good to go.

For a wilder photoshoot idea, you can wear a black corset with a colorful ghagra that gives you an indo-western touch.

Cotton two-pieces

Bapu Bazaar is filled with cotton clothing as locals in Jaipur always go comfortable in cotton attire. There are plenty of Co-Ord Set styling ideas that you will get here, and the prices start from as low as 300 INR per suit.

Rajasthani costume

You don’t need to buy Rajasthani costumes in Jaipur. When you visit Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Jal Mahal, you can rent costumes to click photographs with scenic backdrops.

There are stalls set up specifically for tourists who want to rent clothes only to take pictures in traditional attire. The photographers give you instant snaps that you can take back home as a souvenir.

Some also share the raw files and allow you to click photos on your smartphone.


As the climate around Jaipur is predominantly hot, the lighter your clothes are, the more comfortable you will be. While short clothes are not looked down upon, it is recommended to wear clothes that don’t reveal too much and are appropriate.

Try different colors and textures depending on where you visit to ensure your style blends with the majestic backdrops of Jaipur. That’s all you’d need to have the ultimate royal photoshoots in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should we wear in Jaipur?

Dresses and skirts are the best clothes to wear in Jaipur for females. While males can keep things casual in jeans and tees or kurtas. You are best to wear clothes that let you breathe for comfortable sightseeing.

2. Which type of clothing is Jaipur famous for?

Jaipur is famous for lehengas and ghagras. These are long exquisite skirts that are coupled with a blouse and dupatta.

3. Do we need sweaters in Jaipur?

If you visit Jaipur during December and January you must carry one sweater as the nights are quite chilly. Even if you don’t need them any other time, you will require them if you stay out late at night.

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