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Let me guess! You want to come to Manali in May to escape the heat across most Indian states. But you’re unsure if the Manali climate in May will be appropriate amidst so much news associated with global warming.

For starters, let us understand that climate and weather changes differ vastly as one explores the day-to-day shift while the other reflects a season. Here, we will find out how these differ to confirm weather and climatic expectations for visiting Manali in May.

Manali climate in May 2024

Manali weather forecast in May 2024

May is the hottest month in India, and also when people want to visit the mountains. A hill station like Manali gains prominence among adventure seekers and families due to summer holidays.

Manali weather in May suggests receding winters and hotter days. This is the time when we’re moving towards peak summers. But nights remain colder, and you can still experience snow in nearby places like Koksar village. The standard Manali temperature in May fluctuates between -5C and 6C during May and April.

You can experience 13 hours of sunlight while exploring the best places to visit. The average predicted precipitation is 50mm across three rainy days. Manali climate in May is forecasted to be quite dry in 2024. While that is usually the case, you can experience 70mm of precipitation across 4 days of rain this year.

This time is hot for locals as it is the warmest month compared to the rest of the year. But if you are a tourist traveling from a hotter destination like southern parts of India, you will find relief.

While the temperature can rise to 31 to 37 degrees Celsius at noon, the high altitude will feel cool. The average expected temperature is 34 degrees Celsius.

While this is the forecast for 2024, there are two factors to consider. The temperature will vary from one year to another. Manali has a record of experiencing 44 degrees Celsius, the highest ever in 2010.

Manali experiences longer days in May as the sun peaks at 1:38pm. To witness sunrise amidst the mountains, reach your spot before 5:24 am, while experiencing sunsets at 7:12 pm.

Overall, the Manali climate in May is suitable for a visit and is one of the best times to experience lush greenery and diverse landscapes.

Difference between climate and weather

With global warming showing malefic impacts through natural calamities and drastic changes across seasons, it sure is tougher to determine a particular climate.

But some set rules still apply. For instance, we expect nature to have four climatic seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

With global warming, we sure are experiencing changes, like it rained during winters in Delhi in 2023 and didn’t snow in Gulmarg in January 2024. However, the climate predominantly was winter while weather fluctuations continued.

Here is a table to understand climate and weather differences in more detail:

AboutStatistical information that changes from one location to another. It does not change frequentlyChanges frequently according to climatic impact in the atmosphere
Study subjectClimatology helps researchers study climate and associated changesMeteorology helps researchers determine weather changes
ForecastData collected per meteorological changes suggests a standard that remains similar across decadesMeteorological data suggests changes in day-to-day humidity, temperature, speed of wind and direction, and solar radiation
DurationThe study is aggregated, and a standard is set for 30 yearsConstantly monitored to analyze changes and accurate forecast happen seven days prior to the present date

Climate looks at changes in weather at large, while weather changes are frequent fluctuations that change every week. Let us now understand the expected Manali climate in May.

The best time to visit Manali

The best time to visit Manali is best answered with your purpose to travel. For most travelers, Manali is the best during winter, as that’s the time they experience snowfall. If you are one among them, December to February would be the best time for you to visit.

If extreme snow is unbearable, you should experience Manali during spring between March and April. It is when the valley is painted in hues of green and dotted with colorful flowers. This is also when you can pick apples from orchards and dance amidst butterflies.

May to June are Manali’s hotter months, making it comfortable for adventurous activities. This is when you take the leap of faith by paragliding, river rafting, and rock climbing. It is also favorable for experiencing the ultimate treks or going zorbing.

Manali Temperature conditions in may

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Manali for snowfall?

December to February is the most sought-after time to visit Manali, when the place experiences heavy snowfall. However, if someone prefers to skip snow in Manali, they would want to visit during colder months to experience green landscapes.

What is the best time to visit Manali for your honeymoon?

Most honeymooners are likely to visit this place during this time as it is becoming a cozy lovers’ paradise. It is also a time when most weddings of the year get over, making people more inclined towards choosing it as a honeymoon destination.

Is there snow in Manali in May?

No, there is no snow in Manali in May. It is summertime, and the fresh blossoms of spring continue to bloom this time. To experience snow in Manali, you need to visit between December and February. However, due to climatic fluctuation, it does not snow throughout these months. The end of January to the beginning of February was a good time in 2024 to experience snow in Manali. But this is subject to change depending on the year you visit.

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