Is there snow in Manali in May


Is there snow In Manali in may

One of My subscribers asked me if I should plan to visit Manali at the start of May. can we see snow in Manali in May? I said… 

No, there is no snow in Manali in May. But you can still see snow at a nearby place in Koksar village, Just 40 Km away from Manali. If you want to see snow in Manali, plan your trip from December to February.

Where can you find snow in May

Well, there are nearby places where you get to see the snow.

Solang Valley is the nearest option. You get to enjoy the activities in Solang Valley, including paragliding, Snow rides, etc.

Here is the pic of May month Solang Valley.

Koksar Village  You can visit Koksar village as well. chances are you may witness live snowfall. Koksar village is 20 Km away from the Solang Valley. But the cab or taxi may charge you extra to go there.

And the highest snow point would be Rohtang Pass ( But it depends on the availability). And you also need to apply for an online pass before visiting it.  

If you want to see live snowfall, there is no other place like Baralacha Pass. Baralacha is 150 Km away from Manali. ( One of my favourites). You better get up early if you want to go from Manali. 

One thing I would like to add here is that there is no place to stay in Baralacha. So you will have to return to Manali by the night’s end.

What can you expect in Manali in May?

Well, Manali is quite crowded in May. Because May to July is the peak season time for Manali If you have to compare, think of the average Delhi traffic. Yes, Manali Would be the same as Delhi in terms of traffic in May. 

So you might find yourself stuck in traffic most of the time, instead of enjoying the snow.

Tip: If you want to enjoy your trip without traffic, rent a bike for your whole Manali trip. The bike will cost you around 1200/- per day.

weather of Manali in May

The temperature in Manali in May would be around a high of 36°F to a low of 19°F. Weather conditions in May are optimum every nearby road is open for tourists you can go to Leh Ladakh, Spiti in May. so the temperature is not any kind of issue in Manali in may

Weather will be cloudy, and the temperature should be between 5-10 degrees.

How much budget do you need to visit Manali Snow Point in May?

As I told you above, May is the peak season for Manali. So, it gets expensive too. Buses, local taxis, and hotel fares are expensive in May. So, you have to choose wisely.

Now you have to find which bus, hotel or taxi you should take. You can search it on Google and find out the best.

But on average 2-night 3-day expense would be around 9K Per Person, and It can also vary depending on the hotel and travel method you choose.

What is the best month to enjoy snow in Manali?

Now you know where you will find snow, how much expensive it is, and other things about Manali. What is the best other month that you should go to? 

If you are on a budget and want to enjoy snowfall, and if it should you be in Manali town. then the best month would be January because January is the off-season in Manali. You will find things at low rates, and lots of snow will be there to enjoy. January is the month when you will find the whole Manali covered with snow.

Here’s a picture of me in January.

And if you are lucky, you don’t have to move your ass from the hotel; you will be able to see live snowfall from the hotel’s Balcony.

So it’s time to wrap it up.

Should you visit Manali in May? It depends on you if you want to visit in May because you are off to work, not doing anything, or children’s holidays, etc. You can visit it but keep your pockets full because snow points will cost you way more. 

If you want it to be the best and cheapest with live snowfall from the hotel’s Balcony. January mid is the Best Month to visit Manali based on my experience.

If you have any questions, hit me up.

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Clothes to wear in Manali in May

According to the 2023 weather forecast, Manali in May is generally sunny, but mornings and nights can be colder. My advice is to wear a jacket, a full-sleeved T-shirt, and a light hoodie.

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