Is 2 nights enough for Manali?


Hello, travellers. Recently in my Facebook group, someone asked me if I had only 2 Holidays Saturday and Sunday. How Will I Manage to visit Manali and cover most of the nearby attractions?

So he asked me Is 2 nights enough for Manali?.

So, The answer is Yes, 2 nights is enough for you to visit most of the places. But you need to travel overnight via Volvo bus. Because Volvo Bus gonna Save you 2 extra travelling days. Let me explain a bit more.

Volvo buses are a great way to save time if you don’t have many days off. Because they let you travel at night. So instead of starting your journey in the morning, take an overnight bus.

By the time you wake up, you have reached your destination, Means Manali.

Let’s take the example of the client Guri. He said Jay I only have sat & Sunday to Explore Manali and Monday morning I had to reach the office. What should you suggest I calmly say Don’t worry you will get this done.

Here is the plan I gave him.

Itinerary for the 2-night Manali Travel

Take a bus on Friday night. You will reach Manali by Saturday morning. Now check in at the hotel and eat a light breakfast.

There are two options in Manali to travel to local places via cab, bike, or scooter. I prefer bikes because taxis can get stuck in traffic and it can waste your precious time. 

So I suggested that you should take a bike or scooter ( which one is more comfortable ) instead of Taxi. 

On the 1st day ( Saturday ) visit local attractions including: 

  • Clubhouse 
  • Manu Temple 
  • Jogini waterfall 
  • Vashisht Temple 
  • Van vihar
  • Mall Road

You can easily visit all the local places by evening. After that Return to the hotel for dinner Eat your veggies and go to Sleep. You need to sleep well. Because tomorrow there are again a lot of places to cover.

Get up early morning around 6-7 Told the manager yesterday night that you need to light breakfast early in the morning. Fresher up Check out from the hotel & Pack your language.

Start your bike and head towards Sissu Lake via the Atal tunnel. You can cover Solang Valley, atal tunnel, and Palchan via sisu road.

Enjoy your lunch and take selfies with beautiful mountains

After that, you need to get back to the Atal Tunnel and take a right  To Koksar Village. Koksar Village is famous for its snow point. you may get a chance to see the snow. Enjoy your evening at Koksar village. 

How can you not eat Maggi in the mountains? 

After having your snacks in Koksa village and enjoying memorizing views head toward, the bike Rental shop returns your bikes and takes the Volvo AC bus from there. Take a nap on the bus.

By the morning you will reach your destination. Get ready to go to the office. 

Now things to note:

  1. Make sure you don’t have heavy luggage because on day 2 you have to carry your luggage with you.
  2. Make sure your hotel and bike rental shop is within walking distance from Volvo. So you can catch up on things easily via walking. 
  3. Manali 2 nights Only possible From Chandigarh or Delhi Destination (2 Night at Bus 1 night at Hotel)

Things you will Easily Cover in 2 night Manali Trip 

Places Covered Places Not Covered 
ClubhouseRohtang Pass
Mnu templeJispa 
Jogini waterfallBaralacha
Vashisht TempleKasol
Van viharJibhi
Mall RoadLahaul 
Hadimba TempleTrilokinath Temple
Sissu LakeManikaran Sahib
Atal tunnel
Solang valley


A 2-night Manali Trip is a great option if you want to visit it again So that you can cover the rest of the destination, on the 2nd trip. But if you want to cover all the places on one trip, you’ll need 6 to 7 days.


Check this 7-night 8 days Itinerary. I will cover all the nearby places in Manali. 

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Is Uber or Ola available in Manali

No Uber and Ola are not available in Manali. You need to hire a local taxi from the Manali bus stand.

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