Clothes to wear in Shimla

The climate in Shimla is predominantly cool and pleasant throughout the year. This is the reason why warm clothes are a must for anyone travelling to Shimla. In winter, heavy woollen clothes are a necessity. Good footwear is also crucial for proper grip on the road. If you plan to engage in snow activities during winter, snow pants and snow boots are a must. so which clothes should to wear in Shimla

SeasonTemperature rangeMonths
Summer16oC to 28oCMay – June 
Spring10oC to 20oCMarch – April
Monsoon13oC to 20oCJuly – September
Autumn10oC to 23oCOctober – November
Winter-7oC to 10oCDecember – February
Different Seasons in Shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a popular destination for tourists in India. Known as the queen of hill stations. Spending time close to mother nature is something that tourists love when they visit Shimla. Before you plan your trip to this picturesque landscape, you need to understand what clothes to wear in Shimla.

Clothes to wear in Shimla during winter season

Clothes to wear in Shimla during winter season

The climate during the winter season, especially in December and January can get extremely cold. Shimla is transformed into a snow wonderland during winter. Warm clothes that provide warmth are a must during the winter season. Also, to beat the chilly winter weather, layered clothes are essential. These may include jackets and heavy woollens. During the winter season, covering yourself from head to toe is vital. Thermal wear keeps the body warm during the winters in Shimla by preventing heat loss from the body. 

HeadUpper bodyLower bodyFeetAdditional
Warm hatJackets
Inner thermal
tops (long-sleeves)
Woolen sweater
Heavy woollen coat
Woolen skirts 
Insulated and waterproof bootsJeans
Woollen skirts 
winter clothes to wear in Shimla

Clothes to wear in Shimla during spring season

Clothes to wear in Shimla during spring season

The spring season is the best time to explore Shimla for tourists. The temperatures during this season are mild and there may be occasional rainfall as well. Clothes that are comfortable and made of breathable fabric should be a preferred choice for this season. These clothes will ensure that you are enjoying the pleasant climate and beautiful landscape of Shimla and at the same time looking stylish as well.  By having the right clothes, you can enjoy the nature trails in Shimla.

HeadUpper bodyLower bodyFeetAdditional
HatCotton or linen shirts (long sleeves)
Light sweaters
Thermal tights
Light jacket
Walking shoes or sneakersRaincoat
(If it rains)
Clothes to wear in Shimla

Clothes to wear in Shimla during summer season

Clothes to wear in Shimla during summer season

Summer in Shimla does not mean the scorching heat of the sun and extremely high temperatures like the other places in India.  If you are planning a trip to Shimla during summer, you should carry a pair of light and airy clothes. However, at the same time, you should not forget to carry some warm clothes for the night.

HeadUpper bodyLower bodyFeetAdditional
HatLightweight cotton or linen shirts (long sleeves)
Short-sleeved or sleeveless
Tunic tops
Thin shawl (for evenings)
Cotton trousers
Cropped pants
Strong walking shoes or sneakers.
Ideally, shoes should be open-toed.
(To protect yourself from bright sunshine)
Clothes to wear in Shimla in Summer

Shimla is a tourist destination having a blend of different seasons. Each season has its specific features and climatic conditions. Depending on the season in which the tour is being planned to Shimla, it is essential to pack the appropriate clothing items.

By having proper knowledge and awareness about the clothes required to be carried for each season, a visit to this beautiful hill station can be a wonderful, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. Before starting the trip, it is essential to take into consideration the weather forecast and make the necessary alterations to your wardrobe.

Where to buy clothes for your Shimla Trip?

When it comes to buying clothes for your Shimla trip, there are several options. These include:

Local shops in your vicinity

If you have planned a trip, you can visit some local shops in your vicinity and check out some jackets, thermal wear, socks, sweaters, hoodies, and other mild warm clothes.

Local shops in Shimla

If you have planned a trip at the last minute and do not have time, don’t worry. There are several local shops in Shimla located at The Mall Road. There are several brand outlets and boutique stores as well in Shimla.

Online shopping

Online shopping can be the perfect option for your last-minute requirements. For both summer and winter clothing for Shimla, you can find some great offers on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the warm accessories that I should consider during a winter trip to Shimla?

During a winter trip to Shimla, you should consider the following warm accessories:

Insulated boots (shoes)

Winter clothes to wear in Shimla

Winters in Shimla can get quite chilly, with the temperatures going down to minus. Here are some of the winter clothes to wear in Shimla:

Beanie cap
Knitted hat
Winter hat
Wool coat
Monkey cap
Wool/cotton thermals
Winter jackets
Snow jackets
Woollen winter socks
Fleece pants
Pure woollen sweater
Flip flops
Winter shoes

What to wear in Shimla for trekking?

Here is a list of the clothes to wear in Shimla if you are planning to go for trekking:

Loose trek pants
Thermal pant
Thermal t-shirt (full sleeves)
Winter hat
Waterproof jacket
Fleece jacket
Snow glasses
Rain jacket
Snow trek shoes

What clothes should you wear in Shimla for camping?

Here are the clothes which you should wear in Shimla for camping:

Loose and comfortable clothes
Track pants
Sandals and floaters
Woollen socks
Woollen gloves
Woolen cap

What are the advantages of using snow boots in Shimla during winter?

The advantages of using snow boots in Shimla during winter are:

Keep the feet dry and warm
Prevent injury
Provides excellent grip
Provides proper support
Water-resistant and waterproof
Lightweight in nature

Honeymoon clothes to wear in Shimla

For those couples going on a honeymoon to Shimla, the following clothes can be considered:

For women

Chic jumpsuits
Maxi dresses
Skirts and blouses
Comfortable pajamas

For men

Format shirts
Smart blazers

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