10 Best Jackets for Manali Trip


Best Jacket for Manali trip

Jackets for a Manali trip are a great thing to consider because you don’t want to fill your baggage with bulky jackets. It should be minimal. In this article, I will share some of the best jackets that you can get for your Manali trip.

Manali, nestled in the Himalayas, is a year-round destination offering stunning scenery and adventure activities. But packing the right jacket can make all the difference in your comfort and enjoyment. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best jacket for your Manali trip, considering the season and your activities

Jackets for a Manali trip are a great thing to consider because you don’t want to fill your baggage with bulky jackets. It should be minimal. In this article, I will share some of the best jackets that you can get for your Manali trip.

Manali, the Most Visited Hill Station in India Throughout the Year. Manali offers vast options of stunning Mountain Views and adventure activities. Choosing Jcaket for your Manali trip can be challenging. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best jacket for your Manali trip, According to season and your activities

I will provide you with the best jackets for your Manali trip during Winter, Spring, and Summer. If you are planning or have already booked your trip between October to March, which is in the Winter season category, jackets should be your main item to consider, whether it’s evening or night. A jacket will keep you warm.

Before I tell you about the best jackets, I want to mention that I worked as a manager at Hotel Vyas Vatika in Manali for almost 1.5 years. I know how every month should feel. So, THis is going to be expert insight from someone who has been in Manali. You can know more about me [here].

List Of Best Jackets for Manali

Top-rated Manali JacketsRatingPrice
Men’s Winter Jacket for Hiking SH100 -5°C Blue4.6 / 5Explore Now
Men’s Winter Jacket – Waterproof SH500 -10°C Blue4.7 / 5Explore Now
Jack and Jones Puffer Jacket4.0 / 5Explore Now
Nike Jacket4.2 / 5Explore Now
Local Woolen JacketLocal Shop in Manali
Lightweight Rain Jacket4.7 / 5Explore Now
Nike Windbreaker (Recommended)4.7 / 5Explore Now
Denim Jacket4.7 / 5Explore Now
J&J Sleeveless Jacket4.2 / 5Explore Now
Denim Jacket without Fur4.0 / 5Explore Now
Polyester Jacket4.5 / 5Explore Now
  • Must-have: A warm, waterproof jacket with good insulation. Look for a windproof, hood, and adjustable cuffs.

Men’s Winter Jacket for Hiking SH100 -5°C Blue

decathlon 5 degree jacket

The Decathlon -5°C jacket is my recommended jacket for your Manali trip because I owned this one and used it last December when I was in Manali. This jacket keeps you warm throughout the whole day, whether you are staying in a hotel or going sightseeing. The price of this jacket is 1999/- Rs on the Decathlon official website.

Men’s Winter Jacket – Waterproof SH500 -10°C Blue

The -5°C jacket is a lower version of the SH500 -10°C jacket from Decathlon, which is another great option. You can spend an extra 1000/- Rs and get this one. It is an upgraded version of the above-given jacket.

Jack and Jones Puffer Jacket

The Jack and Jones Puffer Jacket is a purchased product. I bought it from Amazon for just Rs 3999/- on offer. It’s one of many stylish, warm jackets that will keep you warm without compromising your look. It’s a cotton jacket with fluffiness to keep you warm.

Nike Jacket

The Nike Liverpool Training Jacket is one of the most expensive jackets I bought. Liverpool coaches and other coaches wear Nike jackets because they are warm from the inside. The inside material is made from wool, which is ideal for a cold Manali trip.

Local Woolen Jacket

If you don’t want to carry or plan to purchase a jacket in Manali, you can do that as well. Many local shops offer woollen tracksuits specially designed for the cold season. They are light, snug, and cheap as well.

Best Jackets for The Spring Season

  • Focus: Versatility. Pack layers for unpredictable weather, with a waterproof jacket as your outer shell.

If you are planning or have already booked a Manali trip between April to June, the following jackets are best for the Spring season. In spring, the weather starts to change; sometimes it’s cold, and sometimes the days are hot. In the morning and night, the weather can feel cold, and in the evening, the temperature might be milder.

Lightweight Rain Jacket

A lightweight rain jacket is a great option in the spring season because rain often falls in Manali during this time. It’s recommended to pack a lightweight jacket that can work with rain as well.

In the spring season, a Nike windbreaker is my recommended option. I use it personally. In spring, I used my Nike Atletico Madrid windbreaker. I recommend Nike because its quality is premier, and you won’t feel cold air when you go for a ride.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a stylish option for you. Denim is made of cotton and polyester, offering a combination of warm and light fabric. You can wear it whether the day is cold or milder.

Best Jackets for The Summer Season

In the summer, I don’t recommend taking too many jackets on your Manali trip. Just a sleeveless jacket would be good. Here are some best jackets for the Summer season.

  • Focus: Comfort and breathability. Opt for light layers and a windbreaker for occasional chills.

J&J Sleeveless Jacket

Jack and Jones’s sleeveless jacket is a puffer lightweight cotton + polyester jacket that you can wear on your Manali trip. It’s just for the day and night so that you won’t feel the cold air.

Denim Jacket without Fur

Denim is another jacket made from polyester and cotton, you can wear this jacket for style purposes. I’ve listed this because it’s a great fashion choice.

Polyester Jacket

The lightest weight jacket you can wear in the summer is polyester. Whether it’s spring or summer, a polyester jacket is a great option that you should always consider.

Don’t worry, ladies; the same types of jackets will be available for women as well.

Bonus Tips:

  • Consider your planned activities. For trekking or skiing, prioritize technical features like waterproofing and breathability.
  • Merino wool is a great natural fabric for warmth and odour resistance.
  • Don’t forget accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves for extra insulation.
  • Remember, layering is key! Adjust your layers throughout the day for optimal comfort.

Wrapping Up

I listed the best jackets that you can buy for your Manali trip. I’ve personally owned every jacket mentioned above and wore some of them during my time as a hotel manager. Everything Jacket I listed is tested, and if you need more information on any listed item.

Do we need jacket in Manali?

Yes, for the winter and spring seasons, You need a 3-layer or -5°C jacket. On the other hand, there is no need for a jacket during the summer season. However, it’s important to note that relying on weather apps may not be sufficient. Always Take at least 1 cotton hoodie for your trip to Manali.

What should I wear in Solang Valley?

It is advisable to wear a 3-layer or -5°C jacket, thermal inner, gloves, warm socks, and a hat in Solang Valley.

What clothing is needed for Manali trip?

You should always pack a warm hoodie, beanie or warm hat, gloves, waterproof rugged shoes, warm socks, and thermal wear for your Manali trip.

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