Best 7 Star hotels in Manali based on luxury reviews and marketing


7 star Hotel in Manali

Manali is a fantastic destination that is gaining increasing popularity, renowned for its weather, mountains, charm, shopping, and appeal as a honeymoon spot.

Whether you’re travelling solo, with family, as a couple, or on a honeymoon and are in search of hotels, you might have looked for the best 7-star hotels in Manali and found your way to Journyio’s blog.

Allow me to provide a straightforward answer here: there are no 7-star hotels in Manali. The 7-star category lacks standardization and is often used for marketing luxury rather than being a recognized industry standard.

However, I’ve got you covered in terms of luxury, reviews, and marketing. I can list the best luxury hotels that you might consider as 7-star equivalents in Manali:

Best 7-star hotels in Manali based on luxury, reviews, and marketing:

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Now, let’s take a closer look at these options:

5 Best 7-Star Hotels in Manali

1. The Himalayan

The Himalayan Manali

The Himalayan is the first and one of the most luxurious hotels (more like a luxury boutique resort) on the list.

It is unmatched in its luxury, offering private parking, a swimming pool, a gym, a private villa, a garden, 24-hour room service, a world-class spa, a restaurant, and other basic amenities.

The hotel is 600m from the famous Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali.

Room categories include 

  • Run Of The House
  • Duplex Cottage with 1 Bedroom,
  • Family Room, and 
  • Two Bedroom Cottage.

For more insights or to book, visit MakeMyTrip or the official website of The Himalayan.

2. Span Resort and Spa

Span Resorts and Spa is another hotel that falls under the “7-star” category.

The property is vast, accommodating activities like yoga for 100 people, weddings, and various games.

Key features include top-notch culinary experiences, a luxury spa, indoor games, free parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a riverside location.

Span Resorts received global recognition as one of the most luxurious hotels in 2017 and continues to be a top choice among travellers in 2023. Although not directly in Manali, it’s located 20 km before the Manali private bus stand.

The hotel offers nine categories of suites with a kitchenette. Suite categories include 

  • Premier Room, 
  • Elite Room, Elite 
  • Superior Room, 
  • The Residence Junior Suite, 
  • The Residence Junior Suite with Kitchenette (Best Seller), 
  • The Walnut Suite, 
  • The Span Suite, 
  • The Regal Suite, and 
  • The Director’s Bungalow.

To book or learn more, visit MakeMyTrip or the official website of Span Spa and Resorts.

Before planning your trip, make sure to verify the current status, amenities, and services directly with the hotels for the latest information.

3. Manu Allaya Resort and Spa

Manu allaya

Manu Allaya is another excellent option for married couples and families

The rooms are spacious, and the premium suite includes a private jacuzzi.

The hotel provides amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, gym, private cottages, 10 best-in-class room categories, bathtubs in rooms, meetings & events, and a special honeymoon suite.

Additionally, the hotel offers an indoor play zone area for kids to play and free breakfast.

Located in Old Manali, it is 4.6 km from the bus stand in Manali.

Room categories at Manu Allaya include 

  • Deluxe room, 
  • Balcony room, 
  • Garden room, 
  • Orchid view room, 
  • Deluxe suite, 
  • Duplex suite, and 
  • Royal suite (Best for honeymoon).

The hotel also provides three private cottage options

  • Sunny Side Cottage
  • Celestial Cottage
  • Lunar Cottage.

To book or learn more, visit MakeMyTrip or the official website of Manu Allaya Resort and Spa.

Before planning your trip, be sure to verify the current status, amenities, and services directly with the hotels for the latest information.

4. The Anantmaya Resort

the anantmaya resort

Another 7-star world-class property in Manali is Anantmaya. Their rooms feel like you’ve rented an apartment in the UK—beautiful, elegant, and awe-inspiring.

The property is located approximately 6-7 km from central Manali, requiring a local cab or taxi for transportation.

Anantmaya offers various amenities, including a BBQ bonfire, meeting rooms, a sauna room (unique to this list), a gym, live music and bar, and more.

Room categories at Anantmaya include Private Villa, Villa With Kitchenette, and Luxury Room.

The hotel offers a flexible refund policy, ensuring a hassle-free refund in case your plans are cancelled.

For more information and to book, visit MakeMyTrip or the official website of Anantmaya.

5. The Orchard Greens

The Orchard Greens

The fifth entry in the 7-star hotels in Manali is The Orchard Greens. I’m a great fan of this property because it offers many things that others do, but the best part is that it’s cost-effective—a luxurious yet affordable hotel.

They offer many amenities, including a gym and workout centre, pool party options (not many in this list provide that), a meeting hall, a conference room, and wedding events.

The Orchard Greens is conveniently located in the middle of Manali, just a few miles from the Hadimba Devi Temple.

Room categories include Presidential Suite, Family Room with Balcony, Luxury Room with Balcony, Deluxe Room, and Honeymoon Room with Balcony.

Check out the prices and other important information on MakeMyTrip or the official website.


In conclusion, I have provided a comprehensive list of the best luxury hotels in Manali, offering a 7-star feel.

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