Patiala to Delhi Taxi Service from ₹2499 + 400 Off

Experience Safe Luxurious Travel with Journeyio’s Top-Reviewed Drivers

Are you tired of mediocre taxi services that promise a swift journey from Patiala to Delhi but fail miserably in delivering the comfort and time efficiency you crave? 

We understand that your time is precious and a stressful journey is the last thing you want. That’s why we’ve honed our taxi services to shatter the shackles of discomfort and delays. 

Here at Journeyio, punctuality meets comfort to offer a travel experience that gets you to Delhi in under 5 hours, while you recline in the embracing comfort of our well-maintained cabs. 

Kiss goodbye to cramped seats, reckless driving, and the ticking clock anxiety. Step into a world where every mile is a milestone of comfort and every minute is a promise of punctuality. 

Why Choose Us 

  • Punctual rides
  • Skilled drivers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Versatile fleet
  • Effortless booking
  • Highly reviewed
  • Clean and sanitized cabs
  • Customizable rides
  • Local expertise
  • One-way and two-way rides
  • Safety-first approach

Our Patiala to Delhi Taxi Services

Economy Class: Swift, Celerio or Equivalent

Base Fare: ₹3,599 (One Way) | ₹6,999 (Round Trip)

Person 4+1 | Bag +2

A journey from Patiala to Delhi can be safe with our meticulously curated taxi services. Our Economy Class, featuring vehicles like Swift and Celerio, is priced at a modest ₹2,499 for a one-way trip and ₹4,799 for a round trip. 

This class comfortably accommodates four individuals plus one, along with space for two pieces of luggage. Whether you’re on a solo expedition or accompanied by your loved ones, our Economy Class ensures a cosy transit to your destination, making financial prudence a reality.

Value Class: Dzire, Etios or Equivalent

Base Fare: ₹2,499 (One Way) | ₹5,099 (Round Trip)

Person 4+1 | Bag 2+1

This class features premium sedans such as Dzire and Etios. It is a step up for those desiring a bit more flair in their travel. With a base fare of ₹2,999 one way or ₹5,799 for a round trip, it accommodates four persons plus one and provides space for three pieces of luggage. 

The Value Class delivers a rich travel experience. It blends spacious seating arrangements with a smooth, pleasant ride. It’s an impeccable choice for travellers seeking exceptional value with a touch of luxury.

Premium Class: Ertiga, Kia or Equivalent

Base Fare: ₹5,999 (One Way) | ₹11,999 (Round Trip)

Person 6+1 | Bag 3+2

For a more lavish travel experience, our Premium Class unveils a realm of comfort and space, featuring exquisite SUVs like Ertiga and Kia. 

Priced at ₹3,999 for a one-way journey and ₹7,799 for a round trip, this class has a seating capacity for six individuals plus one, and a generous luggage allowance of five pieces. The Premium Class is for those who want more space and luxury.

Journeyio Patiala to Delhi Taxi Service Offerings

ParameterEconomy ClassValue ClassPremium Class
Vehicle ModelsSwift, CelerioDzire, EtiosErtiga, kia
Base Fare (One Way)₹2,499₹2,999₹3,999
Base Fare (Round Trip)₹4,799₹5,799₹7,799
Seating Capacity4+14+16+1
Luggage Capacity235
DescriptionCosy transit at a modest price for small groups.Exceptional value with a touch of luxury for small groups.Lavish space and comfort for larger groups.
The Best Taxi Ride Between Patiala to Delhi

Quick Facts

  • Distance from Patiala to Delhi: 250 kilometres
  • Travel Time: Under 5 hours
  • Major Highways: NH 44
  • Popular Stops: Karnal; Panipat.

Comfort Meets Efficiency

Journeyio ensures a blend of comfort and timeliness. Our meticulously maintained vehicles glide on the tarmac, ensuring a bump-free ride, while our professional drivers navigate the quickest routes, getting you to Delhi in under 5 hours.

Economic and Premium Choices

Whether you’re budget-conscious or seeking luxury, we have something for everyone. Our fleet ranges from economic models like Swift and Celerio to premium models like Ertiga and Kia, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as you desire.

Safety is Paramount

Your safety is our priority. Our vehicles undergo rigorous maintenance checks, and our drivers are trained in safe driving practices, ensuring a secure and serene journey from Patiala to Delhi.


How to book a taxi from Patiala to Delhi?

Booking a taxi from Patiala to Delhi is a breeze. Visit our website, choose your preferred class of vehicle, input your journey details, and follow the simple booking procedure to confirm your ride.

Patiala to Delhi taxi cost?

Our fares are crafted to suit every budget. Economy Class starts at ₹2,499 for a one-way journey, Value Class at ₹2,999, and Premium Class at ₹3,999. For round trips, it’s ₹4,799, ₹5,799, and ₹7,799 respectively.

Patiala to Delhi travel time by taxi?

With our top-notch services, the estimated travel time from Patiala to Delhi is under 5 hours, ensuring you reach your destination swiftly without compromising on comfort.

Best taxi service from Patiala to Delhi?

Journeyio stands tall as the preferred choice owing to our punctual, comfortable, and budget-friendly services. Our top-reviewed drivers ensure a safe and enjoyable journey every time.

What’s included in the Patiala to Delhi taxi fare?

The fare covers a well-maintained cab, a professional driver, fuel cost, and a promise of a comfortable and timely journey. No hidden charges.

Available cab models from Patiala to Delhi?

You can choose Swift or Celerio in Economy Class, Dzire or Etios in Value Class, and Ertiga or Kia in Premium Class. Each vehicle class caters to individual comfort and budget needs.

Can I book a round trip from Patiala to Delhi?

We offer round-trip services at competitive rates, ensuring a hassle-free booking and journey experience.

How to contact Journeyio?

Reach out to us through the contact form on our website or call us on 7690876508 or 7696064524. We’re here to assist you 24/7 to  make your travel plans smooth and stress-free