Everything You Need To Know About A Manali Trip in May

1. Manali does not experience snowfall in May, making it an unsuitable time for snow enthusiasts.

2. If you want to see snow near Manali in May, consider visiting Koksar village, just 40 kilometers away.

3. Solang Valley is another nearby option to enjoy snow-related activities like paragliding and snow rides.

4. Koksar village, located 20 kilometers from Solang Valley, offers a chance to witness live snowfall, but extra charges may apply for transportation.

5. Rohtang Pass is the highest snow point near Manali, though its availability varies, and visitors need to obtain an online pass

6. Baralacha Pass, a favorite spot 150 kilometers from Manali, offers live snowfall experiences, but accommodations are limited, and you'll need to return to Manali at night.

7. May to July is considered the peak season in Manali, resulting in significant crowds comparable to Delhi traffic.

Travel Tip: To avoid traffic congestion, consider renting a bike for your entire trip, which costs around 1200 rupees per day.

8. In May, Manali experiences cloudy weather with temperatures ranging from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

9. May is an expensive time to visit Manali due to high demand, with higher costs for buses, local taxis, and hotels. On average, a 2-night, 3-day trip can cost around 9,000 rupees per person, but expenses can vary depending on your choices.

These points provide essential information for anyone planning a trip to Manali in May, including details about snow, alternative snow spots, weather, and budget considerations.